What is Christianity?

what is christianity - truth story

Christianity is a major world religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ. Christianity teaches both propositional and relational concepts. Short Answer: Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ.…

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Who Is God?

who is god - truth story

God’s existence, nature, attributes, and call to people for relationship. Short Answer: The God, as revealed in the Christian Scriptures, exists as a Trinity. He exhibits some core features (aka attributes) like eternality, holiness, goodness, and mercy while calling…

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Aliens And The Bible

aliens and the bible - truth story

Exploring the validity of alien phenomena, what might be their nature if they exist (demonic), their evolutionary connection, and reviewing the Biblical data. Short Answer Aliens, or intelligent and communicative non-human life forms, are a well-documented entities. They are…

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Is The Bible True?

is the bible true - truth story

Responding to the 7 major challenges to the Bible’s reliability & additional resources to support the truthfulness of the Bible. Short Answer: The Bible is true in everything it addresses. Despite the many attacks it has endured over the…

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