What Is A Reformed Baptist?

what is a reformed baptist - truth story

What is Reformed Theology, Distinctives of Reformed Baptists, and Reformed Baptists in Church History and Today. Christians come in all shapes and sizes. According to Pew Research in 2010 (NPR), there were 2.2 billion people who profess to be…

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What is Christianity?

what is christianity - truth story

Christianity is a major world religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ. Christianity teaches both propositional and relational concepts. Short Answer: Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ.…

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Who Is God?

who is god - truth story

God’s existence, nature, attributes, and call to people for relationship. Short Answer: The God, as revealed in the Christian Scriptures, exists as a Trinity. He exhibits some core features (aka attributes) like eternality, holiness, goodness, and mercy while calling…

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What Is The World System?

world system - truth story

What is the ‘World System’, the war between the World System & the Kingdom of God, and how God ultimately wins. Short Answer: The World System is an interlocking set of structures influenced by evil spirits and is ultimately…

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