Simple: Truth Story Core Value


The use of simplicity during the Reformation, how theology should be both simple and complex, and the quest to communicate effectively. Simple works. Because simple words quickly communicate complex information in the fewest, understandable words. And the message gets…

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Apologetics: Truth Story Core Value


Apologetics defined, the role of apologetics in evangelism, and how Truth Story does apologetics differently. What is apologetics? The term ‘apologetics’ comes from the New Testament Greek word ‘apologi’ (Greek: ἀπολογί), meaning “a well-reasoned reply; a thought-out response to…

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Biblical: Truth Story Core Value


How the Bible is not always important in apologetics, two non-Christian trends in apologetics, and why being biblical is essential to Christian apologetics. Everyone has values. Whether we express them, hide them, or are unaware of them, we all…

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